What is Night Prayer?


a short reflection by Eli Wynn

Night Prayer is an adaptation of a monastic service called Compline, the final service in a cycle of prayers said each day. Since coming to BU, I have had the opportunity to coordinate this service in Marsh Chapel on Monday evenings at the close of the day. We sing songs (often chanted), recite prayers, and reflect on a reading from Scripture or selected text. The service is quiet and allows space for contemplation in silence.

Keeping the hours for me is about keeping the words of faith on my tongue, as my heart learns to follow. Prayer is not simply asking God for things, but it also includes considering the way of God and God’s movement. My experience of Compline is one among many. As we come together each week, we look for ways to share our experiences of prayer and the divine.

It is in community with others that we make the day complete.


Eli Wynn is a 2nd year student at Boston University School of Theology in the Master of Divinity / Master of Social Work dual degree program.

Night Prayer is on Monday evenings from 7:00 to 7:30 pm in Marsh Chapel. 

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