Meet The Team

Nathan Peace

The child of church musicians, Nathan (Nate) has spent his life in churches of all shapes and sizes doing what he loves.  He grew up in Woodstock, Georgia, and earned a Bachelor of Music from Samford University before beginning his Master of Sacred Music at STH.  Somewhere on the journey to Boston, he lost his southern accent, but (according to his Grandma) not his southern charm.  Nathan’s academic interests and research lie at the intersection of music, liturgy, and theology.  When not performing as an organist, you can find him writing prayers, liturgies, or the occasional hymn or sermon, and thinking about what these things mean to the 21st century Church.

Joshua Polanski

Originally from Akron, Ohio, Joshua spent the last four years in Grand Rapids, Michigan where he attended Calvin University and developed a passion for the religion beat within journalism. He decided on studying for his MTS in Boston before choosing Boston University specifically, because the opportunities provided by BTI cross-registration ensured the ability to take courses across and from the religious spectrum. Taking Islamic courses from Hartford Seminary or Catholic courses from Boston College, for example, help foster the ability to think critically about a wide variety of world religions rather than just Protestant Christianity. In addition to freelancing about religion and its intersection with politics, Joshua also writes about film for publications like the Boston Hassle and enjoys reading political biographies and comic books. 

Madison Boboltz

“Words are, in my not-so-humble opinion, our most inexhaustible source of magic. Capable of both inflicting injury, and remedying it.” These words have stuck with Madison ever since she devoured the Harry Potter series as a fifth grader. Having grown up in Fort Worth, Texas, Madison was exposed to a number of different faith communities growing up in which she witnessed both the life-giving and not-so-life-giving aspects of religion. She was active in the youth group at her conservative evangelical megachurch, attended a Church of Christ high school, majored in religion and psychology at a small Baptist University, and now finds herself at STH getting her MDiv so she can become an elder in the United Methodist Church. Her love and passion for reading and writing have always coincided with her passion for developing a holistic theology and the reclaiming church, and she believes strongly in the creative power of words to inspire meaningful spiritual and communal engagement.

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