Pass it On

By Allison Brown Crystals of light beam through the faded, jagged cracks in the window.Reds blur into oranges into greens;fractals distorted to mere flutters of the rainbowas it settles down into the cracks of the tile floorflowing as marrow in our bones. We sitcrisscrossed stitched together not by the past,but by the present.A mosaic of... Continue Reading →

Call for Submissions: Movement

The Prophet wants to hear from you! Submit a reflection to or in the form of a blog, a sermon, an article, a poem, a short story, or any other format to which creativity leads you.

Beyond the Black-White Binary

This reflection is part of a collection of responses to the theme: “The View from Here”  By Camille Obata As are many of my peers, I have been turning inward to discern my role in upholding a society that perpetually lynches Black people. I've been trying to unpack the ingrained white privilege I have as... Continue Reading →


By Laura Pierson When the quakes of the earth ring through your spine, let your breath be a reminder.   For each breath we take connects us back and across. Back to the days and lives that brought you here, across the web of beings near and far who carried you. Collectively, the rhythm of... Continue Reading →

Reflection of God’s Love

Photo Credit: Alexander Solomon By Kasey Kelly "God loves all creatures." How can I trust that verse if an environment has shown me that God loves all creatures with conditions. Display my central prophet’s moments and gain positive feedback, then, not allowing others to experience being peripheral prophets. God kept me as a central prophet,... Continue Reading →


Photo credit: Alexander Solomon This poem was originally performed at The Prophet’s  “Tongues of Fire” spoken word event.  By Alexander Solomon I stole something from the market today, a small piece of cheese come all the way from Switzerland. I think about it while you take a photo of me in a pose that is indicative... Continue Reading →

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