I Wonder as I Wander

By Emily Padgett I wonder as I wander, longing for belongingand also holding the tension and weight of shame and regret.I wonder what it would be like to hold my experience, my emotions,inner child, and my body with tender gentleness?I wonder if you and I, could learn to befriend ourselves together?I wonder, am I alone... Continue Reading →

Following Jesus

By David Blair Jesus was a man with brown or black skin.  He certainly felt that all lives matter, yet I have no doubt that he would have stated “Black Lives Matter” as his concern was so clearly with the oppressed, the poor, those who in Howard Thurman’s word are “disinherited.”  After all, he chose to tell... Continue Reading →

Senator Cotton knows kids are hungry

By Alyssa BurlesonThe following is a response to Arkansas Senator Tom Cotton's proposed bill to cut off federal funding to public schools K-12 that choose to teach the New York Times Magazine's 1619 Project based upon his argument that the project is "left-wing garbage."I once traveled with a group of young United Methodists to D.C. for a... Continue Reading →

Ordinary Grace

This reflection is part of a collection of responses to the theme: “The View from Here?”  By Terra Frederick In the Fall Dr. Copeland asked us the question “how do you experience The Divine most often?” as an opening theological question to that day’s Christian Traditions lecture. We listed off answers as she scribed them on the... Continue Reading →

Reflections at a Vigil

This reflection is part of a collection of responses to the theme: “The View from Here.”  By Alexander Solomon How do I speak of that pain – of that pain – over there – to my left of two Black women, hardly twenty years of age, who held each other forehead to forehead hot tears... Continue Reading →

Beyond the Black-White Binary

This reflection is part of a collection of responses to the theme: “The View from Here”  By Camille Obata As are many of my peers, I have been turning inward to discern my role in upholding a society that perpetually lynches Black people. I've been trying to unpack the ingrained white privilege I have as... Continue Reading →

Reflection of God’s Love

Photo Credit: Alexander Solomon By Kasey Kelly "God loves all creatures." How can I trust that verse if an environment has shown me that God loves all creatures with conditions. Display my central prophet’s moments and gain positive feedback, then, not allowing others to experience being peripheral prophets. God kept me as a central prophet,... Continue Reading →

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