An Organized Lie & Hope in 2018

by Emily Ling “A disorganized Church cannot beat an organized lie.” As I head into this new year and the upcoming spring semester of seminary, that line continues to be a thought that ruminates in my mind. It was spoken back in October 2017 by Reverend Mike McBride, Director of Urban Strategies for PICO National... Continue Reading →

On Finding Voice

by Elizabeth Hurd Boston University School of Theology proudly calls itself “The School of the Prophets,” and with the likes of Anna Howard Shaw, Martin Luther King Jr., and Howard Thurman once gracing the space of the institution, the moniker is accurately deserved. But it’s not just the historical figures that give the school this... Continue Reading →


by Emily Ling I spent the summer of 2017 immersed in a contextual education internship at South Street Ministries in Akron, Ohio. Though involved in many aspects of South Street’s summer programming, my main areas of study were...

On Being a Teaching Fellow

by David Penn One of my former discussion group students asked me to write for the Prophet about what it’s like being a Teaching Fellow at STH. That was, I admit, before the presidential election happened, which, since that was months ago now, says something about what it’s like being a TF. It was a... Continue Reading →

The Power of Weakness

by Zachary J. Taylor Personally, I find myself wondering how God will use me in my brokenness. It isn't easy to wake up in the morning and not feel anxious even though I shouldn't be anxious about anything. My day is always structured, and if I keep to that structure, then I avoid any chance... Continue Reading →

Another School of the Prophets

by Greer Bates Cordner It was just a little room with a few wooden benches and red paint on the clapboard walls, and the men who used to crowd in there were certainly no cutting-edge scholars by most any standards. They took their lessons from a guy named Orson whom they’d elected to the position... Continue Reading →

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