Just a little wind

Photo credit: Alexander Solomon This poem was originally performed at The Prophet’s  “Tongues of Fire” spoken word event.  By Kyle Walden Thomas comes in: I think your tent is flying away I panic, but that won’t do I leave my breakfast without question and see a tent like a plastic bag in the wind violently tumbling... Continue Reading →

Speech Becoming Flesh

Photo credit: Alexander Solomon This reflection was originally an opening statement performed at The Prophet's  "Tongues of Fire" spoken word event.  By Laura Ellis We are here to speak, to listen, and to be heard. And what a powerful thing that is. What a powerful thing words are. Powerful as both life-giving liberation and devastating destruction. The... Continue Reading →

Three Poems by A.C.S.

by A.C.S. (A.C.S., the author of these poems, asked to remain semi-anonymous.) I. You say you’re hanging by a thread and if this thread breaks, you fall into – what? - - for how long will I fall into - - but this thread, like Eden, was not meant for you – your Eve is... Continue Reading →

Three Poems by Uchenna Awa

by Uchenna Awa THE BROKEN CANDLE JAR She a was made out of burnt clay A beauty to behold Standing on my fire place she had a story to tell My cat thought it a game To run across the lane Little did she know that my beautiful candle jar would break Thumb!! On the... Continue Reading →

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