Three Poems by A.C.S.

by A.C.S. (A.C.S., the author of these poems, asked to remain semi-anonymous.) I. You say you’re hanging by a thread and if this thread breaks, you fall into – what? - - for how long will I fall into - - but this thread, like Eden, was not meant for you – your Eve is... Continue Reading →

Expanded Reality

by Tory Dillard "He drew a circle that shut me out. Heretic, rebel, a thing to flout. But love and I had the wit to win, We drew a circle that took him in." This poem by Edwin Markham has been the backbone to my personal theology. The idea here is one of radical and... Continue Reading →

Three Poems by Uchenna Awa

by Uchenna Awa THE BROKEN CANDLE JAR She a was made out of burnt clay A beauty to behold Standing on my fire place she had a story to tell My cat thought it a game To run across the lane Little did she know that my beautiful candle jar would break Thumb!! On the... Continue Reading →

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