Reflection of God’s Love

Photo Credit: Alexander Solomon

By Kasey Kelly

“God loves all creatures.”
How can I trust that verse if an environment has shown me that
God loves all creatures
with conditions.
Display my central prophet’s moments and gain positive feedback, then,
not allowing others to experience being peripheral prophets.
God kept me as a central prophet, but then,
I would love to be a peripheral prophet.

Professor stated the blatant audism.
The words blurred and cannot breathe.
The tunnel vision darkened.
a mumbled voice
Did Professor say that?
I stared at those words.
I will let Professor know at their office hours.
“Say something,” the voice gently nudged.
No, I will wait until the office hours.
“Say it,” the voice nudged again.
Nudges persist.
Okay, I will wait until Professor asked questions.
I am scared of stepping into that role
because I will lose.
I raised my hand.
I opened my mouth.

Yes, it turns out to be good, but really,
it could’ve been worse.

An alternate universe somewhere
“I don’t think we need to discuss this.”
Like, I said, God loves all creatures
with conditions.

All of Kasey’s identities are intersectionalities and her experiences are complex. Her main identity that impacts her greatly is that she is deaf. Kasey is thankful for God who place her on this journey at BU STH.

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