Meet The Prophet Team


Laura Ellis (she/her/hers)

Laura grew up in the liminal space between the conservative culture of west Texas and a faith tradition formed in dissent of a fundamentalist shift. Cultivated from a young age, Laura’s love for creative writing led to a wider fascination with humanity’s innate love for stories and the way sacred stories can birth cultures, dictate morality, and connect us to one another and to the divine in inexplicable ways. After college Laura moved to Bali, Indonesia where she worked in an arts community of locals, international students, and prisoners who celebrated Bali’s artistic culture. Here she fell in love with the beauty of diversity and the way expressions of art and storytelling so often reveal the divine. Laura is excited to invest in the ways The Prophet shares sacred stories and promotes the diversity within our STH community.




Alexander Solomon (he/they)

Hailing from the big little town of Omaha, Nebraska, Alex made his way to the Northeast in pursuit of a Master’s degree in classical vocal performance (which didn’t happen). As a student of music, Alex cultivated a love for poetry, and the power of writing to convey meaning and emotion, especially when it’s accompanied by the right tunes. As a student of theology, however, Alex recognizes the finicky and troublesome nature of language, its limits in making meaning, and the difficulty of communication, especially when speaking and writing across potentially vast differences. Sustained engagement, empathic witness, and truth-in-narrative drives Alex’s love for the oftentimes faulty expression of language we call the written word.




Rachel Payne (she/her/hers)

Rachel is a lifelong New Englander raised in Western Massachusetts. To steal Krista Tippett’s favorite question, the religious background of her childhood was one in which the rules were made to be broken. Blasphemy and mystical experiences were both welcome, and her mom unapologetically blended leadership in the local church while identifying with her Jewish roots. At the same time, Rachel was being molded by her UCC home church, giving her both a busybody penchant for progressive causes and an undeniable Puritan streak. Now an MDiv student at BUSTH, Rachel is exploring what leadership looks like in the midst of environmental and social breakdown. She is pumped about The Prophet because she sees it as an opportunity to have conversations we as students might otherwise shy away from. Going to seminary in 2019 is a wild experience, and she can’t wait to hear more about the meanings her fellow students are making of it.




Jessica Hamilton (she/her/hers)

Jessica is a second year MDiv student at the School of Theology on the Global and Community Engagement Track. Her interests lie at the intersection of public policy, ethics, and spirituality. In addition to her studies, Jessica serves at the Graduate Assistant for Thurman Center Networks at BU’s Howard Thurman Center for Common Ground.

In a past life, Jessica did health care policy and advocacy work on behalf of consumers, providers, payers, and state & local governments. She looks forward to combining her faith and policy experience to positively impact communities in the future. Jessica is also a graduate of Northeastern University where she received a Bachelor of Arts in political science.




Chasity S. Jones (she/her/hers)

Chasity is a 2nd year MDiv at the School of Theology studying the intersection of faith and race.  Inspired to come to theology school by Black Liberation Theology and Womanist theology, Chasity has fallen in love with Post Colonial Theology and dismantling systems of unjust and corrupt power. She was born and raised in the Evangelical, Conservative Bible Belt of Louisiana. She served as a young adult missionary with the United Methodist Church in Seattle, WA as an interfaith-based community organizer.  She is a poet, artist, yoga instructor, creative, intercultural facilitator apprentice, and her favorite color is sunset.  She has experience with social media & communications for social/racial justice organizations as well as event planning and organizing.  Chasity is also a graduate of Southeastern Louisiana University in her home state of Hammond, Louisiana with a Bachelors in Psychology-History minor.

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