Three Poems by Uchenna Awa

by Uchenna Awa


She a was made out of burnt clay

A beauty to behold

Standing on my fire place she had a story to tell

My cat thought it a game

To run across the lane

Little did she know that my beautiful candle jar would break

Thumb!! On the floor!

Thumb! She splintered into different parts

Holding the pieces of my broken candle jar, I could not see life without her

I picked up her splintered pieces and glued her back together again.

For with her, we had both endured several winters, summers, springs and falls.

In the moment when she was put back together,

I realized that like my beautiful candle jar, we are needing to be put together.

We are all broken inside nevertheless, the Spirit puts us together.

Each healing experienced is the Spirit putting us together again.

Like my beautiful candle jar. Ashe.


Hey! I am different

Hey! You are different

Hey! We are different

We differ in race

We differ in color

We differ in thoughts

Do not hate my difference

I, in turn will not hate your difference

Let us journey together to this sacred place

In this hallowed space our differences come to bear

In this hallowed space the Spirit is the glue that binds us together

To be a beautiful abstract work of art. Ashe.


The wind blows on a sunny day

She moves quietly but strongly

Her touch is reassuring, comforting and loving

Her movement although quiet, makes everything move

She is invisible yet visible

The trees sway and speak to the wind saying…a hu rum gi… I see you

The clouds move in harmony with the wind saying anyi nu nudo… I am en con hunto with you

When she moves we all move, irrespective of our skin color or race

We are all in this sacred harmony,

We are all unified in this sacred flow …nu udo…in peace

And in that moment all of creation is one.

In one sacred love… ihu n’aya… Ashe.

Screen Shot 2018-10-25 at 11.05.48 AM.png

Uchenna Awa is a third-year master of divinity student from Abia State, Nigeria. In her free time, she enjoys quality time with family and friends, writing her poetry, watching movies or just enjoying a thriller novel. Upon graduation, Uche plans to continue her candidacy process while working as a hospital chaplain.

4 thoughts on “Three Poems by Uchenna Awa

  1. Really a lovely poem. Never knew we had a poet in the family.
    Lots of love from South Africa.


  2. Stunning poems by Uchenna Awa.


  3. So proud of my dear friend!


  4. Winifred Popoola October 26, 2018 — 8:21 am



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