Still as Salt

By Madison Boboltz Someday I will dip my toes in the water of the sea I once crossed and realize it was never great enough to have drowned either of us. I held my breath when the angel passed over, terrified I would be stolen away, lost to my people. But safe I was under... Continue Reading →

Call for Submissions: Movement

The Prophet wants to hear from you! Submit a reflection to or in the form of a blog, a sermon, an article, a poem, a short story, or any other format to which creativity leads you.

Do These Names Sound Familiar?

By Jeremy Schulz   Do these names sound familiar?           Dominique Jackson.           Fifty Bandz.           Bianca “Muffin” Bankz.           Tyianna Alexander           Samuel Edmund Damián Valentin.             In 2016, Kimberlé Crenshaw appeared on a TED... Continue Reading →

Following Jesus

By David Blair Jesus was a man with brown or black skin.  He certainly felt that all lives matter, yet I have no doubt that he would have stated “Black Lives Matter” as his concern was so clearly with the oppressed, the poor, those who in Howard Thurman’s word are “disinherited.”  After all, he chose to tell... Continue Reading →

I fear not hell

By Andrew Mackay  I fear not hellfor god, if such a being existwould be of Loveall shall be savedthe punishment for sinis within life itselfthat the hells we commitprisons of our own mindand bodydo not follow usNo, I fear heaventhat those whose painand suffering is beyond thatwhich any being with inherentworth and dignityshould endure, shallnot... Continue Reading →

I am no Jedi – I am Jeremy

By Jeremy Schulz After my father’s sudden and unexpected death in 1995, my world was shattered. Not only was an integral part of our family gone, death had welcomed him during the week he did not have life insurance – and so my mother filed for bankruptcy, and her and my brother Jason, and me... Continue Reading →

Senator Cotton knows kids are hungry

By Alyssa BurlesonThe following is a response to Arkansas Senator Tom Cotton's proposed bill to cut off federal funding to public schools K-12 that choose to teach the New York Times Magazine's 1619 Project based upon his argument that the project is "left-wing garbage."I once traveled with a group of young United Methodists to D.C. for a... Continue Reading →

Ordinary Grace

This reflection is part of a collection of responses to the theme: “The View from Here?”  By Terra Frederick In the Fall Dr. Copeland asked us the question “how do you experience The Divine most often?” as an opening theological question to that day’s Christian Traditions lecture. We listed off answers as she scribed them on the... Continue Reading →

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