Pass it On

By Allison Brown Crystals of light beam through the faded, jagged cracks in the window.Reds blur into oranges into greens;fractals distorted to mere flutters of the rainbowas it settles down into the cracks of the tile floorflowing as marrow in our bones. We sitcrisscrossed stitched together not by the past,but by the present.A mosaic of... Continue Reading →

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I Wonder as I Wander

By Emily Padgett I wonder as I wander, longing for belongingand also holding the tension and weight of shame and regret.I wonder what it would be like to hold my experience, my emotions,inner child, and my body with tender gentleness?I wonder if you and I, could learn to befriend ourselves together?I wonder, am I alone... Continue Reading →

Still as Salt

By Madison Boboltz Someday I will dip my toes in the water of the sea I once crossed and realize it was never great enough to have drowned either of us. I held my breath when the angel passed over, terrified I would be stolen away, lost to my people. But safe I was under... Continue Reading →

Call for Submissions: Movement

The Prophet wants to hear from you! Submit a reflection to or in the form of a blog, a sermon, an article, a poem, a short story, or any other format to which creativity leads you.

Do These Names Sound Familiar?

By Jeremy Schulz   Do these names sound familiar?           Dominique Jackson.           Fifty Bandz.           Bianca “Muffin” Bankz.           Tyianna Alexander           Samuel Edmund Damián Valentin.             In 2016, Kimberlé Crenshaw appeared on a TED... Continue Reading →

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